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The 5 Minute Warm Up To Stronger Shoulders

Compliments of

Many of you have seen it or walk right by it everyday. Crossover symmetry also referred to as "That thing in the back room with the dangly handles".

What it is

- a sequence of upper body exercises using resistance bands

What it does

- Targets muscle imbalances

- Improves shoulder stability

- Improves shoulder mobility and overhead positioning

How to use it

- As the name suggests, you'll cross the bands and follow the exercises. Below is a photo of what the board looks like.

- The sequence is just as important as the exercises themselves.

- QUALITY of movement is the most important aspect here. Do not think because you are strong you should be using the bands with the most resistance. Start light and do the exercises correctly.

How to read the board

Start with the section that reads "activation"

With the first 3 exercises, the bands should all be at eye level.

The "H" and "L" refers to the resistance of the band. H being heavy and L being light.

There is a key at the bottom for suggested bands.

Novice: Heavy (10) Light (3)

Competitor: Heavy (16) Light (7)

Elite: Heavy (25) Light (10)

Again I suggest everyone starts at novice.

Follow the sequence for the suggested reps. Each of these exercises should be a controlled movement. Make sure you are keeping a good position while standing by keeping your ribs down and not allowing your back to arch.

The next 4 exercises you'll move the bands down to knee level before starting. Use the assigned band and complete for the number of reps suggested.

Once you complete every exercise once for the allotted reps, you are done!

It takes less than 10 minutes. Make it a habit and commit to doing it before every class. Even if you don't have any pain or shoulder issues, it's a good idea to be proactive towards preventing any from issues coming up in the future!

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