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3 Ways To Get Closer To Your Goals

Everyone has different goals when they walk in the door - have more energy, lose weight, get stronger, be a competitive athlete, etc. Here are 3 tips to help you get closer to what you are trying to accomplish.

(1) Establish WHAT these goals are. Use the SMART model (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound) and write your goals down.

Ok Goal - Get stronger

Good Goal - Increase my snatch

Great Goal - Increase my snatch 10# by December, 2017

Ok goal - Lose weight

Good Goal - Lose 10#

Great Goal - Lose 1# each week for the next 10 weeks

*Note these goals are both ATTAINABLE. Adding 50# to your snatch in 5 months or losing 50# in 10 weeks sounds great but would be very difficult to accomplish.

(2) Make an action plan to get to these goals.

Goal: Increase my snatch 10# by December, 2017

Action Plan:

(1) Talk to my coach about my goals.

(2) Make sure to get to classes that involve the snatch, squat and other accessory work that may help my mobility, technique and strength.

(3) Establish the areas that I need the most improvement on.

(4) Come to Open Gym times to practice these OR sign up for one month of weightlifting class to get specialized coaching on the lift and spend more time working on it.

Goal: Lose 1# each week for the next 10 weeks

Action Plan:

(1) Talk to my coach about my goals.

(2) Track my food honestly and accurately to see what I am consuming on a day to day basis.

(3) Review my food log and see where I can make small changes to see results OR share with my coach to get advice from an outside source.

(4) Attend classes at least 3x/week and add two additional 30 minute runs.

(5) Spend 1 hour shopping and 1 hour food prepping my meals on Sunday for the week.

*This is a lose outline of what an action plan could look like. This can be broken down into daily vs weekly habits.

(3) Stay Consistent

(1) Establish good habits and repeat them daily.

I will work on overhead mobility for 10 minutes before each class.

I will drink water instead of soda at lunch each day.

(2) Surround yourself with other people who will encourage you and support your goals.

Let those closest to you know your goals so they can help you.

Put yourself in environments that will help you succeed.

(3) Don’t give up when things get hard or you don’t see immediate progress.

Bad days happen. That’s ok! Don’t let one day stop you from continuing to pursue your goals.

See the attached worksheet for a place to write down your goals and your action plan. If you don’t know what your action plan should be, set up a time to meet with one of the coaches so we can help establish it together!

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